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Execution Planner Software

Execution Planner Software is a web-based project management tool to manage the work Flow, to-do, organize your plans, goals and expectation for the users and management. It supports creating of multiple projects and each project consists of multiple tasks and each task can be assigned to users. Each project can be structured in a unique way. This allows multiple types of projects to be managed differently and efficiently, in a Centralized Location. Moreover, projects can be transformed into templates to be reused later.

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Execution Planner Software includes features such as:

  • To increase the company productivity in all levels.
  • To decrease the Project Time Consumption.
  • To achieve the Desired Results and Outputs, which in reflect contributes for the successful .execution of the Organizations Vision, Mission and ultimately to attain the Expected Revenue and Cost Control activities.
  • To Evaluate the Employee’s Performance and reward accordingly in Day to Day task.
  • To enhance the Organizations Project Execution Flow more systematically
  • To guarantee the tracking for every single project, task and even ideas that it will never disappear.