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Wifi Hotspot Solution

Wifi Hotspot Solution

Internet has revolutionized all the spheres of Human life and the spectacular growth of the web has overwhelmed the people of all cultures across the globe. It has now become essential for people to have access to the Internet wherever they are. Access to the Internet is important not just to a business user, but to users of all types – be it a home user or a leisure user.

Whether it’s checking in with office e-mail, looking up travel timetables, finding entertainment for holidays, checking the weather, checking news and sports headlines, uploading and downloading photos, music and videos, playing online games, business communications, sharing your thoughts with others or keeping in touch with your near and dear ones, Internet Access is now considered to be as necessary as other daily necessities of life. In fact, huge number of people from all generations and walks of life access Internet on daily basis.

Now-a-days people just want to stay connected while they travel, while they have a cup of coffee, while they eat at a restaurant, while they wait to get the car repaired, while they do laundry, while they just go about their daily routines - i.e. all the time. In simple terms, the world is moving into a new era where laptops are getting lighter and work is going mobile.

Business owners across the globe share major objectives of satiating a customer and striving to enhance a customer experience. To achieve such objectives businesses of all types across the world have initiated to provide their valuable customers easy access to the Internet while being in their premises – enjoying a coffee in a coffee shop, waiting for your flight in an airport lounge and so on. These places or premises where customers find access to internet are referred to as “Wi-Fi Hot Spots”.

Creative Solutions is the place where solutions are provided to turn business premises of our valued clients into Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

Creative Solutions Wi-Fi solution runs public-access wireless network of any size. As business owners you get the flexibility to provide free, paid, or advertising-supported Wi-Fi services under your brand or identity. Some of the features of Creative Solutions Wi-Fi solution are :

Remote AP management over the Internet

It enables you to manage the wireless network as a system rather than individual access points. From a secure web interface, you can remotely flash-upgrade APs in the field, modify captive portal and redirect pages, change the wireless channel and SSID. APs can be situated behind firewalls, on private LANs, or on any network with a route to the Internet.

Quality of Service (QoS) Management

Bandwidth hogs using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing applications? No problem. With this service QoS you can muzzle them with one click. This lets you provide legitimate users with the performance they deserve.

Standard Wireless Clients

Wi-Fi Service utilizes IEEE 802.11 standards for interoperability with standard wireless clients—laptops, handhelds, VoIP Wi-Fi phones. No special client software is required to use a wireless network.

Branded Experience

Wi-Fi Service enables you to create a customized captive portal that reflects the brand experience you want to create for your customers. With this, you can also set a redirect page so that customers are sent to the web site of your choosing after they complete a successful log-in, further reinforcing your marketing goals.

Flexible Business Model

It is designed to flexibly support virtually any wireless business model, including free community networks, branded wireless portals and fee-based wireless networking. With this there is no ongoing “revenue share” that eats into your profits.

Network Security

Wi-Fi Services supports existing network security standards such as WEP, WPA and VPN pass-through. It provides an additional layer of security by requiring all users to log in before they access the network. Also, guest policy management enables administrators to define private networks. Users classed as “guests” can go anywhere on the Internet—but not on private networks.

Flexible Reporting

It includes real-time telemetry and historical reporting of end-user and AP bandwidth usage in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly durations.