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Commercial Video Wall Display Solution in Saudi Arabia

Bring your business to life with an eye-catching LED video wall. Creative Solutions has the right solution to match your business needs when it comes to advertise or simply display a product on a large-scale Video Wall.

Indoors or outdoors, we have you covered. Planning for a huge wall or a simple display in a store, we got that covered as well. We offer a wide array of screen sizes and resolutions. Our digital video walls are designed to work seamlessly with any environment and can be installed.

digital video wall solution saudi arabia
commercial video wall display

Benefits of using LCD/LED Video Wall Display

Using the very latest in LED panel technology, we create your presence to upscales the business and bring it to life with visuals that attract attention. We have on board with us a professional team of experts in designing and implementing the solution, using state-of-the-art technology ensuring the client receives a product that is best in quality and flawless in function.

We provide Digital Video Wall Installations across Saudi Arabia, with a focus on supplying out-of-box and all-inclusive-fast installation bundle of the latest, innovative, and constantly updated capabilities from new technology partners.

video wall for business

Creative Solutions team is proud to install one of the largest LED Video Wall in Saudi Arabia measuring 52m2

Creative Solutions team is proud to install one of the largest LED Video Wall in Saudi Arabia measuring 52m2

Commercial LED Digital Video Wall Features

By using our highly customized CMS you have the power to control your video walls and push content to a single or a group of walls with just a few clicks. Our CMS can be further customized as per the client’s requirements to meet the functionalities required to best make an integrated solution. Some of the features of our Video Walls:

multi zoning
multiple inputs
Multiple inputs
Hassle free maintenance
ease of installationm
Cutting edge technology in ease of installation
Robust enclosures & panels
high resolution
High-resolution integrated system
 Dynamic content placement
Dynamic content placement
 Dynamic content placement
Scalable solution
 Dynamic content placement
Easily integrated with CMS