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IT Infrastructure Implementation

At Creative Solutions, IT Consultants work and focus on maximizing client business opportunities and operational efficiencies through IT Solutions.

Network Solution

Information connectivity plays a key role in today's business infrastructures and the success of this is dependant on the efficiency of the network. Network downtime and performance degradation impacts business revenue, and your bottom line, through lost of productivity. An optimized network needs to be well designed and requires maintenance to manage available facilities.

Creative Solutions unifies network hardware and software into a reliable, secure network infrastructure. Creative Solutions has extensive experience implementing networking projects at all levels, from local area networks in a small office to a massive office running into many floors of a building.

Creative Solutions professionals are skilled in LAN/WAN networking, systems integration and business application integration, and can provide solutions for all major operating systems and hardware platforms. Creative Solutions’ engineering solutions and services help clients successfully manage their networks, customers and suppliers.

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System Solution

The expertise of Creative Solutions has assisted many clients investing in workstations and server resources. Creative Solutions experts will help the client get the most out of their equipment and minimize the operational costs of managing their systems.

Creative Solutions can solve problems of clients businesses facing with :

  • High Performance Computing and Clustering environments
  • High Availability Clusters
  • Messaging (Email, Instant Messaging, Bulletin Boards)
  • Directory Services (NIS, LDAP, etc)
  • File and print sharing and management
  • Capacity Planning and Use Analysis
  • Performance tuning
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Remote Access

With the more widespread adoption of broadband Internet access, it is now more feasible than ever for employees to work remotely. At the same time, business needs have changed and many businesses are looking for secure and reliable remote access solutions to allow employees to be more effective. Choosing the best remote access method for your company is an area where Creative Solutions can have an immediate positive effect on your bottom line.

Creative Solutions can help you achieve:

  • Seamless access from anywhere
  • Secure access from anywhere
  • Simple to use VPN's (Virtual Private Networks)
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