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Saudi Media Systems Attendance Management System

Saudi Media Systems designs and integrates multimedia systems and advanced technology facilities. We provide a full range of design, engineering, and technical support services that extend from project concept, through implementation, training and operational support


Saudi Media Systems was facing huge problems with their manual attendance. They approached Creative solutions to automate attendance issues. They needed automation for all employees which includes roaster planning, day offs, global holidays, attendance monitoring, device monitoring and different parameters along with access control, suitable for hospitality industries.

Requirements were as follows:

  • Complete attendance management software.
  • On-Prem solution.
  • Machine for login & Machine for logout.
  • Minor customization in software.
  • Machine installation location lacked power outlet.
  • The dashboard should be globally accessible from the web.


Creative solutions took the requirements as a challenge and successfully implemented the CreativeTime Attendance management software which changed and up-lifted the legacy Saudi Media Systems Attendance software.

Implementation included :

  • Automation was done to reflect the complete requirements from Saudi Media Systems, Ex: Roaster Planning, day offs, employee monitoring, Etc.
  •  Complete attendance management software was implemented on-prem with minor customization.
  •  Integration of reports as per requirement.

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