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Store Management Software

With hundreds of retail Stores, Store Management Software manages Checklist for every aspect of retail operations in one, single, integrated system. This is the simplest way to manage recurring workflows for the team. Status of multiple checklists can be viewed with a single click, allowing you to easily get an overview of the activity in the organization.

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Store Management Software includes features such as:

  • Providing a means to streamline operations, suitable for retail and F&B chain, by integrating business processes into a single and centralized unit.
  • Work with a scalable, flexible platform that helps management adapt efficiently to business requirements and drive a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Enables easy monitoring of all the stores / Stores by the Head Quarters, Quality Assurance and Internal Auditors.
  • Increased efficiency by reducing Administration Time and Costs and Improved Performance and Quality Results.
  • Ability to Monitor the space in Zones, Stations, Center and Functionality wise.