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Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace platform

CHECKLIK is a unique marketplace for business owners/individuals in Saudi Arabia who want to sell their products online through single/multiple branches.


Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the client CHECKLIK is a startup that connects sellers with users. It has a unique business model that operates according to branch-wise product offerings. CHECKLIK eliminates the need for a website or mobile app, allowing business owners to go online in just a few clicks.


Most business owners or individuals don’t have a website or mobile application, and building an e-commerce website with a mobile application will cost more money and time. Here, CHECKCLIK plays a major role in eliminating the need to develop an e-commerce website and mobile application. The CHECKCLIK founder came up with the idea to do business online with less cost and time. The client was clear with the requirements and mockups.

Delivering this software solution to businesses across KSA, the client decided to build a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform that would connect sellers of various product categories (perfumes, electronics, flowers, bakery, etc.). To gain a competitive advantage, the startup wanted to integrate an e-commerce marketplace website with location-based search and a Solr-integrated search engine to boost the search experience for end users.

Scope of Work:

The CHECKCLIK Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platform is unique in Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce market. The client prioritized branch-based sales over store sales. And each organization or individual business owner can have multiple stores, and each store can have multiple branches. The business owners need to pay by subscribing to each branch rather than paying for each transaction.

To achieve this target, the client did not have an in-house expert team for marketplace creation. CLIK LLC collaborates with Creative Solutions Co. Ltd. to create a marketplace app.

And the marketplace has multiple features that are developed as per the initial phase. The client provided in-depth details on his requirements and design. Creative Solutions was responsible for analyzing the design and converting it into a working product using cutting-edge technologies.


Our specialists start by analyzing project requirements and choosing a technology stack that would address the existing business needs. For example, to build the front-end and back-end, we used HTML5, Bootstrap 4, multiple jQuery libraries, MVC ASP.Net, a SQL database, and Solr search for project development. Throughout this stage, we also estimated the scope of work and outlined an implementation roadmap.

In 6 weeks, our team created a clickable prototype demonstrating the visual appeal and structure of an e-commerce marketplace platform. Our engineers enabled continuous development by working in teams of six developers on GitHub.

Finally, our software experts integrated a web system with the company’s Solr search engine to ensure better search results for end users.

During the project, our team solved the following challenges:

1. Targeting a regional market, an e-commerce marketplace platform had to maintain a growing number of users and handle heavy loads. 

    By building a service level architecture, we achieved scalability, high availability, and reduced infrastructure maintenance costs.

    With solr search, our team set up a huge database for easy search and better-suggested search results. In addition, we integrated this solution with Hyperpay for direct payout to vendors.

2. Multi-level action based on branches

    Our software experts worked out a sophisticated algorithm that enables each branch to manage orders as per availability and manage time table of available employees. The branch has the option to choose between self-delivery limited to with city or third-party available shipment providers to deliver through KSA. Each branch has pre-defined policies and terms between users and branch owners for order-related queries. And the store owners are free to select the theme of the stores that can be displayed on the web and mobile applications for the selected stores.

Features of an e-commerce marketplace platform:

Our team built a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform that consists of two modules to address the needs of merchants and buyers.

Marketplace features for sellers:

1. Registration for individuals/business owners

2. Verifying the business

3. Store and branch management

4. Product Catalog

5. Order management

6. Timetable management

7. Access management

8. Advertisement management

9. Coupon management

10. Shipping management

11. Payment Method

12. VAT Management

13. User dashboard

14. Reporting

15. Email notifications

16. English and Arabic Language

Features for customers:

1. Registration and authorization

2. User profile

3. Store-based offers and coupons

4. Catalog of goods

5. Search by numerous filters and categories

6. Shopping cart

7. Wishlist

8. Online support

9. Reviews and ratings

10. Online payments via Hyperpay (pre-authorization) pay later

11. Email, SMS, and Smartphone notifications

12. English And Arabic Language


With Creative Solutions involvement, the client developed an e-commerce marketplace website and mobile application for connecting sellers of various product categories (perfumes, electronics, flowers, bakery, etc.) By delivering the platform under tight deadlines, the startup managed to launch the application live and start selling.

  • Completed on: 08-12-2022
  • Skills: Android/ CSS3/ HTML5/ iOS/ Kotlin/ Microsoft .Net/ Solr Search
  • Client: Creative Solutions

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