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Kudu Drive Thru System Installation


Kudu is a popular fast food chain with more than 300 branches across Saudi Arabia. They recently contacted Creative Solutions team to set up drive-thru windows at their Jeddah and Makkah city branches. 


The objective of this project was to make the ordering process at Kudu's Jeddah and Makkah city branches more efficient for customers. The installation of drive-thru windows would allow customers to place their orders without leaving their cars, which would save time and provide a more convenient experience.

Site Survey

Our team conducted a site survey to determine the best location for the drive-thru windows. We analyzed the layout of the branches and identified the most suitable location for the drive-thru. We also considered factors such as traffic flow, parking, and accessibility.

Installation Process

Once the location was determined, our team began the installation process. We installed the drive-thru windows with all the necessary features, including menu displays and order confirmation systems. 


The results of the drive-thru installation have been extremely positive. The drive-thru windows have made the ordering process much faster and more convenient for customers. The stores are able to process orders smoothly on the drive-thru window, which has resulted in shorter wait times and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Completed on: 01-02-2023
  • Skills: Audio System
  • Client: Kudu

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