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iPad App for Retail Merchandising

Software is a great combination between Artistry and Engineering.

Gulf Taleed was established on January 2009 as a company. They provide commercial services in all categories such as Merchandising, Marketing, and Consumer Engagement to a variety of customers. The general scope of Gulf Taleed's required application is data collection of market parameters such as availability of products, visibility and volume.

Gulf Taleed was facing massive issues with their retailers plan and to execute merchandise operations. Since dealing with retail means dealing with many stores scattered over a vast territory. While looking for a best possible solution, they approached Creative Solutions to digitalized their retail merchandising system.

Requirements were as follows:

  • To have digitized platform of Retail merchandising Program under single platform.
  • On-prem solution.   
  • To track stock volume.
  • Route plan.
  • To digitalized planogram.
  • To capture in-store information through the software.
  • To schedule store visits.
  • Field operation.

Creative solutions took the requirements as a challenge and implemented the Gulf Taleed retail merchandising software which changed and up-lifted the legacy of the system. Creative solutions helped them in achieving the consistency across stores also eliminated the paper works.

Implementation included:

  • Integration with POS.
  • Photo Documentation of Stores.
  • Planogram optimization.
  • Route plan optimization.
  • Field operations with route planning and visit scheduling.
  • Cycle brand trading.
  • Provided them with the analyze reports which is compatible with excel.

  • Completed on: 21-10-2015
  • Skills: HTML5/ iOS/ Microsoft .Net
  • Client: Gulf Taleed

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