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Equal Cafe Dammam Drive Thru Installation

The Creative Solutions team was recently commissioned by Equal Cafe in Dammam, Saudi Arabia to install a drive-thru system for their store. The installation included vehicle detectors, speaker posts, and a display screen for the store manager.

The installation process began with the team completing a full survey of the site to determine the best placement for the components. This included testing the soil composition and making sure the vehicle detectors had a clear path to the display screen. The team also had to ensure that the speaker posts were installed in the correct locations to ensure optimal sound quality.

Once the survey was completed, the team began the installation process. The vehicle detectors were placed into the ground and connected to the display screen. The speaker posts were installed to the side of the building and wired to the display screen. The wires were then run to the display screen and connected. The installation was completed with the team testing the system to make sure it was working properly.

The installation was a success, and Equal Cafe now has a fully functioning drive-thru system. The system helps the store manage their customers better and provides a smoother customer experience. The installation was completed quickly and efficiently, and the team was able to ensure that the system would work properly.

Overall, the drive-thru system has improved the customer experience for Equal Cafe and helps the store manage their customers better.

  • Completed on: 07-12-2022
  • Skills: Audio System
  • Client: Equal

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