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dr.CAFE COFFEE Drive Thru System Installation

Creative Solutions Co. Ltd has been providing innovative solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's retail industry since 2003, and we're thrilled to have been able to help dr.CAFE COFFEE achieve its goals.

dr.CAFE COFFEE is a leading coffee brand in Saudi Arabia, with more than 120 stores. The company has chosen the best way to serve its customers: through a drive-thru window. The problem was that there was no sign that indicated to customers that they could order through the drive-thru, and the process of ordering was slow.

Creative Solutions worked with dr.CAFE COFFEE to install a digital drive-thru system that combined technology and good old-fashioned customer service to make sure that orders were received quickly and delivered even faster.

Once the car enters the drive-thru area, sensors are activated, and a timer starts counting down from five minutes—the amount of time allotted for each order when customers place their orders over speaker phone. A digital sign displays menu items by category alongside the speaker post so that customers can see what's available without having to exit their cars or ask an employee for help.

  • Completed on: 13-11-2022
  • Skills: Audio System
  • Client: dr.CAFE COFFEE

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