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Broasted Express App

We've got more legs than a bucket of chicken. 

Broasted Express has never been better than ever and being affordable in all aspects. Broasted Express sells high-quality specialty broasted chicken, sandwiches, nuggets, broasted shrimps, water, soft drinks, salads, and desserts. Despite being an upscale fast food fried chicken franchise; their prices are in line with the leading national franchises. 

Solution to the ease of Valued Customers 

Broasted Express is a well-known company who wanted to develop an online platform so that they could reach their customers by the touch of a fingertip, so Creative Solutions was able to provide them a solution by developing a Mobile App for Broasted Express on both platforms Android and iOS.  
By installing the Broasted Express Mobile App in your phone, we were able to provide them with the best features and latest technology in the Food & Beverage industry to ease the valued customers so that they are able to order for Pick-Up or Home Delivery service from anywhere around Central Region of Riyadh. 

We were able to ease the solution by developing a Mobile App for Broasted Express which comes with the following features: 
  • Easy access to the saved information
  • Select the food category, spicy/regular
  • Summary of order
  • Add the order to the favorite list
  • Order Tracking

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