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Alshaya Attendance Management System

The Creative Solutions team was recently commissioned by Alshaya Warehouse in Riyadh to implement an attendance management system. The system included CreativeTime software and attendance machines from ZKTeco, and the team was tasked with customizing it to meet the company's needs.

The team began with a full analysis of Alshaya Warehouse's existing attendance system and the requirements that the new system had to meet. They then determined the best solution to meet the needs of the company and implemented the software and hardware.

Once the system was in place, the team configured the software to meet the company's needs. This included setting the login and logout times, allowing employees to login today and logout tomorrow, and making sure that any login before the actual login time would show as the real login time. They also configured the system to show logout times as 30 minutes less than the actual time and to calculate overtime only after 30 minutes had passed after the actual logout time.

The team also configured the system to send a full attendance report to an email every day at a set time. They also configured the time to be shown in 24-hour format and added an option for a daily filo report to the single report, allowing all employees to be included on a single sheet. Finally, they configured the system to send email notifications when attendance issues arise.

Overall, the Creative Solutions team was able to successfully implement an attendance management system for Alshaya Warehouse in Riyadh. The system meets all of the company's needs and is fully customized to their requirements. The team was able to configure the system quickly and efficiently, and it is now helping the company manage their attendance better.

  • Completed on: 10-11-2022
  • Skills: CSS3/ HTML5/ Microsoft .Net
  • Client: Alshaya

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