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Afrahcom Mobile App

A platform that provides you an integrated service, to help you find the best booking services and prices in one click.  
When it comes to celebrating the big day of your life such as your graduation, birthday, wedding or family/ friends gathering. You cannot think of any other better platform than Afrahcom. 

Execution of the Afrahcom App 

Afrahcom was a new startup who wanted to develop an online platform for the process of bookings and reservations for all types of halls, resorts and istirahas. Creative Solutions was able to successfully develop a Mobile App for Afrahcom on both platforms Android and iOS.  

To avoid the hassle of driving around the city for the bookings and reservations, Creative Solutions developed the Afrahcom Mobile App which has launched a new way to book and reserve any: 

• Wedding halls 
• Banquet halls 
• Resorts 
• Istirahas 
• Makeup Artist appointment  
• Registered Cater services 

Within your city at your demand rates and all of this can be done just by the touch of your fingertips.    

  • Completed on: 24-03-2018
  • Skills: Android/ iOS/ Microsoft .Net
  • Client: Afrahcom

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