Information Center Software

Information Center Software is a fully integrated, corporate-wide online data warehouse that provides information and advice to employees of what the organization terms about a particular subject and Topic. The system contains a platform to provide the complete know-how of a Corporate, Group of Companies and Organizations with different interests, specialties, and access levels. The Information System, which is well protected and easy to access, with the following features.



  • Integrate data from multiple source systems, enabling a central view across the organization. This benefit is always valuable, but particularly so when the organization has grown by merger.
  • An information bank from where the employees can withdraw the necessary know how, process flow and information required to execute their day-to-day tasks.
  • Automated environment for updating and sharing new Manuals, Guides, Policies, Procedures, Standard Templates, Forms, Formats, Training Material, Applications, Checklist, Authority Matrix Approval.
  • Announcement and News can be done with a single click around the clock.
  • It acts as a tool and a system of knowledge for people in an organization responsible for making decisions and project execution.